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Take your photography to the NEXT LEVEL in just one hour!


Creating amazing images isn't about having a ton of expensive gear, but rather understanding how to use the gear you already have. Take your photography to the NEXT LEVEL with this E-Course all about the fundamentals of lighting, and how apply them to YOUR  style of photography.


00:00:00 - Course Introduction
00:01:43 - Fundamentals of Lighting (Distance)
00:03:46 - Inverse Square Law
00:07:21 - Fundamentals of Lighting (Direction)
00:11:50 - Fundamentals of Lighting (Shape)
00:13:26 - Ultra simple one light setup/Intro to v-flats
00:19:20 - Balancing flash with natural light
00:29:30 - Introduction to headshot photography
00:46:44 - Practical application of color gels
01:01:06 - Don't be afraid to break the rules
01:07:46 - Conclusion and review

Next Level Lighting E-Course


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