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Add Color to You Images Without Gels

Today I want to share with you the process of how I created this fitness image of Bella that I shot during a live demo at the Adorama booth during Imaging USA. Using generative fill Ai, I was able to get rid of distractions on the background and using Capture One, I added color to the image.

Eliminating Distractions

Looking at the raw file, I noticed several distractions that needed to be removed. These distractions included elements such as strip lights, background stands, and flyaway hairs. To address these issues, I turned to Photoshop's generative fill AI feature. By utilizing this tool, I was able to remove the distractions effectively, leaving us with a clean and focused subject.

Image after using generative fill to remove distractions.


After cleaning up the background, I brought the image into Evoto Ai for the main retouching. This gave me a much more polished overall edit, and also got rid of most of the flyaway hairs. Although the tool was helpful, I did make some manual adjustments in Photoshop to ensure a flawless result.

Retouched image from Evoto (no color correction)

Adding Color with Capture One

Now that the image was ready, I proceeded to enhance it further by adding color. Using Capture One, I employed a straightforward masking technique to modify the color balance of the highlights. This adjustment allowed me to introduce a subtle teal hue, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the image. The best part is that you can easily experiment with different colors without the need to reshoot the photo.

Fine-Tuning with Masks

To achieve the desired final look, I added a second mask in Capture One. Rather than masking the background, I did the inverse and selected just my subject. I didn't however want her entire body to be effected by the mask, so I erased most of the mask, aside from the edges of her legs. This enhanced the rim lights on her legs that were falling a little too far into darkness.

Behind the Scenes

To provide you with a better understanding of the setup, let's take a look at the behind-the-scenes shot. For this particular image, I used three Profoto B10X Plus lights. The main light was a two-foot octa positioned overhead to create a hard light which is great for a fitness look. I also used two 1x3 strips, angled towards the camera to add depth and dimension to the image.

Final Image

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Jeff, thanks for sharing this setup! Please tell me if I see correctly - on Profoto strips you have a mask with round holes? "My sources" tell me that something like this will appear in Profoto's offer, together with OCF softboxes that open quickly. I'm looking forward to these masks with round holes, I envy Westcott's ones😅😉

Replying to

These were the westcott ones but they didn’t fit on the Profoto boxes very well. I haven’t heard whether they’ll be included in the new versions, but I would love to see it

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