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Balance Flash With Constant Light (In-Studio)

Updated: Jan 21

I recently was in the studio with my friend Cheryl and she brought a ring light with her to do her makeup and I thought it would be fun to play around with it and see what we could create.

This was also a good opportunity to talk about balancing constant light with strobes in a studio. My main strobe was a Westcott FJ400 with a silver switch beauty dish and grid with the ring light placed in front of Cheryl. In the past I've used a ring light in some portraits but I placed it behind my subject rather than in front. Check out that image here.

For my remaining lights, I used Savage Universal Edge Lit Pro LED lights, both set to 5500 kelvin, but the background light had a pink gel attached. I added the gel because I thought the pop of color on the background really brought the image to life.

Behind The Scenes Setup

Here's the before image without the white edges extended,

and here is the final retouched image with the edges extended.

To see the full breakdown, check out the video above, and if you want to take your photography to the NEXT LEVEL, Join me at my creative lighting workshop on June 8th, 2024 in Franklin Lakes, NJ (link below)

Until Next Time!

-Jeff Carpenter

Free with purchase of any in-person workshop

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