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Two Lights Creating a Four Light Setup!

It's no secret that I like to find unique ways to use gels in my images. This photo of Allee was created at one of my 'Next Level Lighting' Workshops held at my home studio in Franklin, TN.

Working with my attendees, we choose a color combination of orange and teal. The rim and hair lights coming from behind Allee were created by placing a V-flat World v-flat directly in front of a Paul C. Buff, Inc. DigiBee modified with a 60" Foldable Octabox. This allowed for the light to wrap around the v-flat and essentially creating three lights out of one! The key light was a second DigiBee modified with a 22" Silver Beauty Dish and a teal gel.

To get such a saturated color coming from behind Allee, I layered three orange gel sheets and tapped them to the inside the Octabox.

This was such an amazing workshop! If you want to take your photography to the NEXT LEVEL, and create some amazing images for your portfolio, click here, and in the meantime, download my FREE lighting guide here!

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