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How-to Create a Simple, Yet Impactful Portrait

Impactful images aren't always complicated. In fact, I often times create my favorite images with very minimal gear. When I was first starting out as a photographer, I only had one light so I learned how to see light in addition to learning how to create it.

For instance, the photo below was created with a single light source and a V-Flat. If you want to see how I created it, keep on reading...

From the very get to, I wanted this image to be black and white, but I didn't originally think to shoot it with the shadow in frame. At first we were just shooting a one light backlit portrait and I wanted a little bit of fill to the left side of the fame and brought in a V-Flat for fill. That's when I saw the shadow and immediately knew that needed to be a part of the image.

Like I stated before, being able to see light is almost as important as the ability to create it. Check out the BTS image below, and also a quick tutorial video showing my process.

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Download your FREE lighting guide HERE.

Until next time!

-Jeff Carpenter

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