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Optical Snoot for Profoto!

optical snoot for profoto lighting

I've always loved the look of optical snoots, but I never pulled the trigger on one until recently. The problem I ran into was that I couldn't find any options that worked with my Profoto lights. Just about every other brand had a snoot option, but nothing for Profoto. After doing a little research, I found not only an affordable option, but one that would work with my lights as well!

Before I go any further, you might be asking yourself, "What is an optical snoot?" To put it very simply, it's a device that you put on a light that projects different patterns based on the insert you choose. This can be used to create patterns on a backdrop, or even on someone's face like the image above.

Ok, so lets get back to the task at hand, and explain how to get this to work with Profoto lights. If you shoot with a brand that has Bowens mount, you have it easy... Just buy this snoot and attach any Canon mount lens and you're good to go! I bought a super cheap Youngnuo nifty fifty off amazon and it works great. As I mentioned before, the lens has to be a Canon mount or it won't work. The reason for the lens is to be able to control the focus of the pattern. This allows a lot of versatility when using this technique.

To get the aforementioned snoot to work with Profoto lights, you'll need a special attachment that converts a Bowens mount to Profoto. The nice thing about this attachment is that you can use it with other Bowens mount modifiers, which is an added bonus.

To see the snoot in action check out this video!

Here's a full list of the gear (with links) I used in the above video:

50mm Lens - Keep in mind that any Canon mount lens will work

Profoto-Bowens Adaptor - Only needed if you shoot with Profoto lights

Tether Gear - Use code jeffcarpenter for 15% off

If you're serious about taking your photography to the NEXT LEVEL, join me for a 1:1 workshop, virtual or in person and download your FREE lighting guide HERE.

Until next time!

-Jeff Carpenter

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