• Jeff Carpenter

The Easiest Way To Shoot a Pure White Background...Period!

There are a million different ways to shoot a pure white background headshot but I wanted to share the technique that I think is the easiest. Check out the video to see how I do it, and if you want to learn more please subscribe to get notified of a new tutorial every single week!

If you want to really take your photography to the NEXT LEVEL, join me for one of my upcoming lighting intensive workshops where you'll learn everything you need to set your work apart from your competition. Early bird tickets are still available, but will be ending soon, so don't hesitate!

I'll see you there!

-Jeff Carpenter

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“Jeff’s approach is very client centered, he was super personable and a great host.  He tailored the workshop to fit my needs as a photographer and was very flexible to let the workshop unfold without a set agenda.  I was able to get tons of hands-on time with the model and was able to come home with many tremendous images to add to my portfolio.”

   -Jay Hamlin
Workshop Attendee

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